Advanced Mineral Processing S.L

Advanced Mineral Processing is specialized in process engineering and design of plants and equipment for the efficient treatment of minerals, sand, gravel, clay, chemical, and other raw materials processed by various industries.

We offer a wide range of laboratory and pilot plant scale tests on ores, sands, and other materials which will allow us to determine from the earliest stages of the project the most suitable process applicable at an industrial scale.

We offer a global service in the assembly and commissioning work and operation of the plant.

We organize specific training programs for the customer´s operators and management personnel during the assembly, commissioning, testing and operation of the plant in running mode.

We have an after-sales service and technical assistance. Our headquarter is in Móstoles and we also have a warehouse in San Martín de la Vega, both are in Madrid. We are present in Sweden through AMP Nordik. There are no borders for us, and we assemble our plants internationally»