AGREPOR – Extração de inertes, SA. (CIMPOR)

AGREPOR AGREGADOS S.A., a CIMPOR Group company with quarry operations in Portugal, produces and sells granite, limestone, dolomite, and gypsum aggregates, obtained from the processing of natural mineral masses.

AGREPOR is a Portuguese aggregates producer with 10 active quarries owned by the major Portuguese cement producer. Furthermore, CIMPOR is a member of ANIET (National Association of Extractive and Manufacturing Industry).

AGREPOR has a wide variety of quarries (granite, limestone, dolomite, and gypsum) and supplies a wide variety of public and private customers that operate for instance in public works, RMC, fertilizers, lime production, cement, ballast, mortar, etc.

AGREPOR will pilot and validate the proposal in one of its limestone quarries located in Alenquer, near Lisbon. Pilot site in Portugal. Process automation while reducing the risk of work accidents, control of energy consumption, and dust reduction of 1.3M tons of crushing material/year.