Citepa is a non-profit, independent association of rigorous, impartial experts involved in environmental protection and promoting dialogue and knowledge sharing. Citepa is committed to the ecological transition. Its scientific vocation is to produce and transmit reliable knowledge on atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gases, to support public and private decision-makers, and to strengthen the capacities of countries in the fight against climate change and atmospheric pollution.

Our raison d’être is the following:

  • Committed and independent, our association guides the actors of the ecological transition in France and in the world.
  • It assesses the impact of human activities on the climate and atmospheric pollution.
  • It produces reference data and develops solutions to reduce emissions, improve air quality and adapt to climate change. Our multidisciplinary team is involved in building a sustainable world.»
  • Mitigation strategies for air pollution reduction Unit of the Air pollution, mobility, territories Department at Citepa. Dust and direct emissions of CO2 and NOx emission estimation methodology and software module