We are members of Greenovate!Europe (, a Brussels-based non-for-profit network of organizations dedicated to sustainable innovation. We do not publish in its website.

Gate2Growth is a Danish advisory firm, specializing in the exploitation of the results emerging from EU projects and in supporting innovative SMEs in business development and funding activities. The staff has extensive experience in conducting business model and value-chain analysis using efficient on-line tools to support both investors and entrepreneurs. The services provided are based on in-depth knowledge of political processes, social and environmental issues. They relate to the innovation process as well as investor and public funding requirements. The company has broad industry experience both from acting as partner in numerous EU projects and servicing clients from all over Europe in various business and industry sectors.

Gate2Growth will lead tasks in ROTATE relating to commercial and scientific exploitation strategies. They will help identify technical opportunities toward the most promising directions, widen the possibilities for innovation activities and ensure future market uptake of the project’s results. Their main activities will revolve around assessment of key exploitable results, development of business models/plans for each of these results and implementing strategies for Intellectual Property Rights.