Hormisoria is a company with more than 45 years of experience in the sectors of construction, concrete, and aggregate extraction based in Soria, Spain. We owned 6 production plants of concrete across the province of Soria, which is our main area of influence. Regarding aggregate extraction, we have two open-cast mines and quarries, based on three mining licenses.

In Hormisoria we are absolutely committed to the environment, and because of this, we have an exhaustive restoration plan for our operations. We developed the Eco Mining Project (2004-07); inside the European Green Mining Project, in which we demonstrate the viability of clean technologies and final scenarios with positive environmental balance, in the activity of extraction of aggregates.»

All the members of our staff, administrative personnel, and technical crew are deeply involved in the project, so everyone will contribute to making this important project a great success. Our role in ROTATE Project, mainly, is to provide our site, and our aggregation extraction operation, so we can develop, with the other partners of the project, the functions that will be required to achieve the objectives of this project.