Collaborator of the Laboratorio Oficial Madariaga. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Please introduce yourself first and tell us about your background, areas of expertise, and your position in your institution:

I hold a PhD in Energy Engineering and currently work as an assistant professor in the Department of Energy and Fuels. I am also a member of the Industrial Safety in Explosive Atmospheres research group and the TECMINERGY Technology Centre. Finally, I am responsible for the area of Flammable Liquids in the Official Madariaga Laboratory. My field of expertise focuses on industrial safety and the use and production of renewable gases, such as hydrogen or biogas. This has led me to be chosen as the Roadmap Leader of Hydrogen Research Europe.

What is your role in Rotate as an organization and as an individual?

As a collaborator of the Laboratorio Oficial Madariaga (LOM) and professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, my role in ROTATE is to design the energy efficiency module that allows mines and quarries to maximise their energy consumption, while promoting the use of renewable energies and e-mobility. The LOM, a reference center in Spain in Mining, was created by the Ministry of Industry and Energy and the University and Research in 1979. Its extensive knowledge of the mining sector allows it to play an active role in the ROTATE project, in the theme of energy efficiency in quarries and clustering activities.

Why do you think that projects like Rotate are so important?

Projects like ROTATE are essential to transform the industry and foster a shift towards a more sustainable future. Thanks to these initiatives, organizations from different sectors work towards a common goal, allowing new methodologies or products to be developed. This modernizes sectors such as mining and helps them meet the European Union’s objectives, giving muscle to sectors such as the mining industry.

In your opinion which should be the most important areas for the future of mining?

The most important areas of mining in the future should be the optimization of the extraction and treatment processes of materials, and the circular economy. Some of the mining companies that participate in ROTATE already have recycling plants in their facilities. This must evolve and be transferred to the entire aggregate mining industry. In addition, new technologies must be found that allow greater use of these recycled materials and provide them with the same quality as the extracted materials.

Let us know you a little bit better. Would you tell us something you like to do when you are out of the office?

When I’m out of the office I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking and I am an animal lover, so I spend a lot of time with my dog Nara. But as a hobby, I would say that I am passionate about contact sports. I have played rugby for many years and now I practice martial arts. And when I’m at home, I usually watch series or read.