Today, a preparatory session was conducted in preparation for the upcoming meeting with the Project Officer (PO) and external reviewer to justify the first third of the ROTATE project. This simulation served as a comprehensive rehearsal for the meeting, which is of utmost importance to all partners of the project.

The goal of the meeting is to assess and approve the work and documents that have been developed over the first 18 months of the ROTATE project. As a multi-partner initiative with significant funding from the European Union, ROTATE aims to drive innovation and sustainability in the RM sector. The meeting will be a crucial milestone to ensure that the project is on track and meeting its objectives.

 Today’s preparatory session allowed the consortium to rehearse key presentations, review documentation, and ensure a smooth and effective flow for the actual meeting. Feedback from internal partners was incorporated to refine our approach and ensure we are well-prepared for the scrutiny and high expectations from the EU project manager and the external examiner.

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