Please introduce yourself first and tell us about your background, areas of expertise, and your position in your institution.

I am a Researcher at VITO, where I contribute to developing Waste-to-Product strategies. My primary area of expertise is in the eco-efficiency and durability of cement-based materials. This includes the use of secondary resources (supplementary cementitious materials, recycled aggregates, and wastes) as constituents of cement-based materials, transport properties of concrete, and corrosion.

I believe that research into matrix valorization of wastes in cement-based materials is a critical tool for achieving sustainable development with affordable and efficient infrastructure that improves human life quality.

What is your role in Rotate as an organization and as an individual?

VITO coordinates WP4 on the Development of Valorisation Solutions for Enhanced Circularity and leads the research on Valorisation of Aggregate Washing Residue in Cement and Concrete Development. I am responsible for the corresponding management and research activities.

Why do you think that projects like Rotate are so important?

The construction industry is one of the most material-intensive sectors. Circularity has advanced enormously in recent decades, but there is still a significant need for progress given the scale of this industry. The main challenge is finding technologies that respond simultaneously to reduced material and carbon footprints.

In your opinion which should be the most important areas for the future of mining?

The mining of the future should prioritize optimized efficiency in resource extraction, waste reduction, and minimal environmental impact. Environmentally friendly and socially responsible mining can only be achieved through efficient investment in research and innovation, as well as improvement of regulatory frameworks.

Let us know you a little bit better. Would you tell us something you like to do when you are out of the office?

I love being outside and in contact with nature. I try to explore and go camping as much as possible.