Please introduce yourself first and tell us about your background, areas of expertise, and your position in your institution.

We are Joel Carlsson and Adam Sköld, both serving as software engineers at Roctim. Our professional backgrounds are rooted in engineering. Our role in Roctim focuses on enhancing processes and sustainability within the mining industry.

What is your role in Rotate as an organization and as an individual?

Our primary responsibility is to contribute our expertise and our process simulator “Plantsmith’”. Our mission is to provide quarries and partners in ROTATE with a robust platform for simulating plant performance and more. As software engineers, we are developing and customizing “Plantsmith” to satisfy the partner’s needs.

Why do you think that projects like Rotate are so important?

In our view, projects like ROTATE play a big role in steering the mining industry towards a more sustainable and efficient future. ROTATE also promotes collaboration both within the industry and with academia, uniting different perspectives on the way of minimizing the environmental impact.

In your opinion which should be the most important areas for the future of mining?

From our perspective, the focus for the future should be sustainability as well as efficiency. This entails minimizing the environmental impact across all phases of the mining process, as well as enhancing the operational efficiency at every stage.


Let us know you a little bit better. Would you tell us something you like to do when you are out of the office?

For me (Joel), my curiosity and passion for learning often lead me to engage in interesting experiences, such as being part of ROTATE. During my free time, I love being with friends and participating in a diverse range of activities, including sports like football, and enjoying the great outdoors.
I(Adam) also enjoy the outdoors, but painting and fishing, along with a healthy dose of being with family and friends, are some of my interests when I’m not in the office.