Please introduce yourself first and tell us about your background, areas of expertise, and your position in your institution.

Hi, my name is Víctor Pérez, I am a biologist specializing in biodiversity management and restoration of degraded landscapes, at Fundación Tormes-EB, a non-profit entity that works in providing environmental consulting services in Spain. Here I oversee monitoring tasks, biodiversity management, and designing and adapting restoration projects for degraded areas in mining operations throughout the country.

What is your role in Rotate as an organization and as an individual?

We contribute by developing a method for implementing biodiversity management systems that helps make the extraction of CRM compatible with the adequate conservation, management, and restoration of the natural environment of the exploitations, providing guarantees of sustainability and competitiveness to the final product. We also contribute by transferring this task to the public, business groups, and all stakeholders to involve them in this paradigm shift in mining exploitation.

Why do you think that projects like Rotate are so important?

These kinds of projects are essential to make possible the transition between different models of use of natural resources, such as the one we are experiencing now, in which European mining is adopting more efficient and sustainable models of use that guarantee a quality product with less environmental footprint, and at the same time adequately communicate the effort of this adaptation to society.

In your opinion which should be the most important areas for the future of mining?

Work must be done to have available protocols, technologies, and techniques for these new management and efficiency models, which can be transferred practically and effectively to most of the sector, adapting them to the different realities and particularities, to be able to include and normalize as part of the mining process.

Let us know you a little bit better. Would you tell us something you like to do when you are out of the office?

I enjoy creating miniature recreations of natural landscapes for models and visiting ruins and monuments that are part of the history of the places I travel to for work.