As part of the program for our recent Consortium Meeting in Granada, we visited one of the pilots involved in the project: Canteras Industriales. As part of our communication efforts, we have shot and edited a video about this visit. A video you can see right here.

The visit included a joint explanatory visit to the facilities and the sharing of data that will allow the coordination of the mining efforts in a sustainable way while taking care of the environment. Participants in this visit included Juan Díaz, head of this mining site; Francisco Moreno, Environment councilman from La Malahá (Granada), the municipal district where the mine is located; Francisco Ortega, Senior Research and Development Chemical Engineer at Canteras Industriales; Noemi Ariza, a chemical engineer at Canteras Industriales; Ricardo Salas, consultant at Nubia Consultores; Javier Flores, mining practitioner; Jens Bruno, Canteras Industriales’ CEO; Samuel Bouchoms, a researcher in ecosystem management and rehabilitation on quarry sites from the University of Liége (Belgium) and Beatriz Gordo environmental coordinator at ANEFA.