The first global Rotate consortium meeting was a success but did not finish after almost everyone left to continue working in their own countries and institutions. SomeRotate team members stayed in Granada to continue with their work at Canteras Industriales, one of the pilot sites involved in the project.

This time the visit had a specific goal: environmental issues and biodiversity. Rotate experts in these two fields jointly address the objectives set in this project in such a unique place as this quarry, where biodiversity coexists with the daily life of the workers.

The visit included a joint explanatory visit to the facilities and the sharing of data that will allow the coordination of the mining efforts in a sustainable way while taking care of the environment. Participants in this visit included Juan Díaz, head of this mining site; Francisco Moreno, Environment councilman from La Malahá (Granada), the municipal district where the mine is located; Francisco Ortega, Senior Research and Development Chemical Engineer at Canteras Industriales; Noemi Ariza, chemical engineer at Canteras Industriales; Ricardo Salas, consultant at Nubia Consultores; Javier Flores, mining practitioner; Jens Bruno, Canteras Industriales’ CEO; Samuel Bouchoms, researcher in ecosystem management and rehabilitation on quarry sites from the University of Liége (Belgium) and Beatriz Gordo environmental coordinator atANEFA.

Rotate, a project financed by the European Commission and led by ANEFA, aims to provide environmental solutions that contribute to facilitating the generation of synergies between various industrial sectors related to mining and quarries.