The second day of our global meeting had everything we wished for innovation, communication, research, a workshop by the amazing Gate2Growth team (Marius-Febi Matei and Nikolaj Lervad Sørensen), and a visit to one of our pilot sites: Canteras Industriales (with Jens Bruno, head of the firm; Noemí Ariza and Francisco Ortega). This site extracts and processes celestite ore or natural strontium sulfate.

Celestite is used in the chemical industry for the manufacture of strontium carbonates and nitrates, strontium metal. In the ceramics, pharmaceutical, and glass industries, pyrotechnics, permanent magnets, ferrites, semiconductors, and zinc electrolysis. It is also used to manufacture liquid paints, plastics, powder coatings extension pigments, and in some cases and locations for drilling muds.

Kanishk Bhadani, part of the Chalmers University of Technology team in Rotate with Gauti Asbjornsson, and Lorena Viladés, from ANEFA, the leaders of this project, also took the floor to take us through the latest news and the different strategies on their respective work packages.

We also had an important institutional visit: Jesús Portillo, the Mining Sector General Director of the regional government in which our meeting took place: Andalucía.

What an intense and productive couple of days!