The ANEFA team, which coordinates the Rotate project, financed by the European Commission within the Horizon platform, has already completed the round of visits to the different sites that are part of the project. One of the objectives of these visits is to have first contact with each site to get to know in depth its specific needs and characteristics.

The first farm visited was CANTERAS INDUSTRIALES S.L., located in the south of Granada. This particular exploitation is called Montevive and it is a particular case because it is a deposit of celestine that totally or partially replaces the bedrock, formed by banks and layers of stromatolitic limestone material.

The Hormisoria S.L. exploitation was the second exploitation visited by the coordination team of the Rotate project, financed by the European Commission within the Horizon Europe program. This team, led by ANEFA, was also made up of technicians from Advanced Mineral Processing and experts from Zabala.

La Brosse Montceaux, a gravel pit owned by Lafarge France, is located on the Seine River, south of Paris. This operation has a very interesting and complete material reception and dispatch system that includes the transport of goods by river, road, and rail.

Finally, the coordination team of the Asociación Nacional de Empresarios Fabricantes de Áridos – ANEFA, visited the facilities of the Norwegian company Velde in the town of Sandnes. In addition, this operation is important for dealing with the valorization of the waste generated in the process and for the granulometric control with artificial vision of the material.