Please introduce yourself first and tell us about your background, areas of expertise, and your position in your institution.

Hello, we are Juuso Terva and Tommi Kaarenoja from Metso, and we both work in the R&D and Innovations department as engineers. Juuso has a degree in materials engineering (D.Sc. (Tech.)) and Tommi in mechanical engineering (M.Sc.). Our work in Metso is centered on developing and innovating technologies for mobile crushers and screens for the mining and quarrying industry.

What is your role in Rotate as an organization and as an individual?

In Rotate, the overall aim for us is to develop a more energy-efficient and sustainable mobile crusher, with CO2, noise, and dust minimization technologies. In more detail – Juuso studies a new energy-based crushability method, which could be used for crushing plant simulations, whilst Tommi is coordinating the Rotate project internally and driving forward projects related to improving the recovery of crushing process by-products in recycling applications.

Why do you think that projects like Rotate are so important?

Projects such as Rotate, are the very essence of transforming the M&Q industry to become more environmentally friendly and socially accepted. Rotate aims to reduce emissions and provide guidelines, which allow recycling and material extraction at sites closer to urban environments and residential areas. This enables the reduction of emissions from transportation using mobile technologies.

In your opinion which should be the most important areas for the future of mining?

Regarding the most important areas for the future of mining, we believe that the focus should be on improving energy efficiencies and emissions reduction concerning all steps in the value chain. We hope to see the future of mining become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In our minds, this translates into greater adoption of clean technologies, reduced ecological impact, and improved working conditions and safety for workers. In addition, responsible sourcing and increased transparency should be a priority to ensure ethical practices in the industry in the future.

Let us know you a little bit better. Would you tell us something you like to do when you are out of the office?

When the work is done for the day, I (Tommi) often like to spend time with family and friends, play guitar, or go for a walk in nature with my dog Milo. In turn, Juuso often relaxes with drumsticks in hand in a band of like-minded colleagues.